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The echo of each step ringed in his ears. Ciel didn't want to turn around, and he very well didn't want the person following him to be Alois Trancy. But sadly the young demon could not get his wish. He had assumed that he wouldn't have to deal with Trancy anymore now that Alois was dead but the depths of Hell had brought the two back together. Alois was like a mosquito and Ciel was the sweet sugar-water. But indeed the blonde stalked the poor dusty-blue haired demon, thinking that Ciel was clueless as to his actions. Ciel could only groan after ten more minutes of being mindlessly followed and decided to inquire what Alois wanted.

"Exactly what possessed you to follow me, Trancy?" Ciel droned impatiently as he swiftly spun to face the older child. Alois could only giggle. "I wanted to say hi. Gee Ciel, do you treat all your friends this way?" he asked, crossing his arms, "How terribly rude." Ciel could only shake his head. "I'm not your friend. And why should I treat you in any other way than 'being rude'? I was fully prepared to die a noble death knowing that I had gotten revenge to those who humiliated me and you took that away." Ciel lectured, Alois rolling his eyes in response. "Bloody hell, you really need to learn how to let things go! I did you a favour." he pouted, latching on to the smaller boy and nuzzling into Ciel's chest. Ciel backed away, making a sound of discontent. "I have no business with you, Alois. Leave me."

"Hmpf. But I wanted to invite you to some tea! Won't that be fun? We can even play boring chess if you want!" he said excitedly jumping up and down with pure glee. Ciel scoffed. "Why would I have tea with you?" Alois frowned, his face drooping as he made a fake sniffle. "B-but I really thought we could be friends after I made the contract with Hanna!" he whined, his face changing from sadness to joy as he giggled and hugged Ciel tight. The demon pushed Alois away easily and turned on his heal, briskly walking away. "No!" Alois protested and tackled Ciel, causing the younger to shriek in surprise. Ciel struggled to find his way out of the tangled mess of limbs but it was no use trapped on his stomach like that. "Say you'll come and I'll let you go!~" Alois whispered, pressing his lips close to Ciel's ear. Ciel could only shiver at the feel of Alois' breath tickling his ear. "Fine whatever!" Ciel sighed in defeat.

Alois jumped up, detatching himself from Ciel in the process. The bluenette regained his balance quickly and made his way his destination- anywhere Alois wasn't. As the young demon walked he couldn't help but look at the landscape of hell. It definitely wasn't a fiery pit like he'd imagined, but instead a replica to London... a monochrome London. A colourless place filled with absence of sanity and those who were sane we'rent for long... It was the nightmare Ciel was destined to live out because of that blonde menace.

The next day as promised, Ciel made his way to an elegant table where Alois sat eagerly. He squeaked when he saw the younger and gestured for him to sit down. As Ciel sat down he saw Claude approach the two and gave the fellow demon a taunting smile, which Claude glared back in return. Regardless, he poured Ciel a cup of New Moon Drop. Ciel took a rather large sip and his eyes lingered back to Alois. "So what exactly is the point of this? What do you want from this, Alois?" He inquired. Alois gave him a devious smile and leaned over the table, his face only inches from Ciel's. The young demon didn't flinch and stared blandly at Alois, awaiting an answer. Alois smirked and closed any distance between the two.

Ciel tensed up his body as he felt Alois' lips fimly against his. He didn't move a muscle, not knowing what to do, while his mind swam. Finally Ciel broke away, eyes wide and his breath frozen. "What the hell was that?!" Ciel asked, his surprise changing into anger. "It was a kiss moron." Alois cooed and kissed Ciel once again. This time Ciel reacted. The younger pressed closer to Alois, starting to enjoy this new feeling. He kissed back with little experience. Alois crawled over the table, guiding Ciel to the wall, licking at his bottom lip to ask for entrance. Ciel, being dazed by Alois, snapped out of it and lightly pushed Alois back.

"Well young master you seem to be having fun..." a familiar voice boomed, slight annoyance coating the smooth voice. Ciel turned to see the stalking butler.
This is based off a roleplay I did a loooooong time ago. Sadly this roleplay was ruined by my mom but that's not important! This is based after Kuroshitsuji II so if you don't like spoilers then don't read it! I haven't written a Kuroshitsuji fanfic in a long time so please bear with me!

EDIT: Being I am a writer I think I'll never truly enjoy my work, so I have changed the story ever so slightly to satisfy me for now. Though you all seemed to like it I think its better this way. Thank you so much~

Next Chapter~

All characters~ Yana Toboso


Instagram: @/the_official_phantomhive

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